Diana Panzió

Pension & Restaurant Diana is expecting its guests in Sopron, in one of the city’s most beautiful places, in neighbourhood of holiday hotels and the state sanatorium, in the heart of Lőverek which is famous for its climate.

Our rooms secure comfortable recreation with attended parking places on a high level.

The air-conditioned restaurant and the banqueting hall with pleasant atmosphere can be an ideal place for family occasions, business talks and social gatherings.

A wide range of food specialities, home-made cakes can be found on the menu card by favour of our master cook.

A play-yard belonging to the pension provides the children with wooden toys.

A covered garden place for 80 persons is popular in the circle of guests from Sopron as well as in the circle of guests desiring rest and relaxation.

Information about our further services and our main, favourable offers can be found under the menu points.


Please have a look at our homepage and visit Sopron, the City of Fidelity!

Opening hours

all the year round : 8-22h